Most individuals are familiar with the word Marketing purely in an academic sense with the activity of studying the content in the business classroom. Most have understanding that Marketing deals with the putting forward in the marketplace goods, services, and a plethora of products. Some even have personal experience Marketing a company or brand of product. Yet how is Marketing helpful to you? What is Marketing to you? What value exchange would result if you established a coaching relationship? What should Marketing mean to an individual?

Individuals must be skilled Marketers of themselves.

 Individuals that have Self-Marketing training are stronger, more self-confident stakeholders of society, and more able to have positive externalities attributed to their actions. Coaching can assist you in learning these Self-Marketing skills sets. H. Porta is able to transform you into being Self-Marketing driven. Self-Marketing Driven individuals create value in their relational exchanges. Do you?

 Marketing is the education of the marketplace of the intended product with the intent of providing value for the consumer. H. Porta puts forth to the individual examining coaching that they are the single Most Important Product that they will ever encounter. You have the requirement to create value.

Yes. You, are The Product!

You must be skillfully marketed to all those that are consumers of you.

This comes as a great revelation to most given that they readily see a container of milk or new car as The Product, yet struggle within themselves that they would have such greatness bestowed upon them since most struggle with no self-worth and low self-esteem.

Thus, given an individual is a Product, then it is their responsibility to put forward themselves i.e. Market, in the most favorable light. This is the intent of the coaching relationship with H. Porta.

 H. Porta will thus aid you in the development of the self-discovery of You, The Product.

As an individual is the Most Important Product that they will ever encounter, an intimate process must begin with you, the individual learning to Self-Market. We at H. Porta are skilled at aiding you in the New Way of SELF-MARKETING. Please see or 704-491-9161 or 423.972.3258

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