I had the distinct pleasure of hanging with some amazing kids the other day and they wanted to play with Play-Doh.  Yeah, so I’m not going to lie here, it DID take some coaxing (about a second at least!) to push aside the work that was beckoning and I acquiesced, however, as I began to feel the squishy sensation thru my fingers, I could feel my blood pressure lower and a sense of magic unfolding.  If you haven’t played recently I would high suggest you carve out the time as it will shave years off your life immediately and if you’re paying attention, you’ll learn valuable life lessons simultaneously.

You see, Play-Doh is…well, it’s magic! Not only is it an excellent way to build muscles and help develop fine motor skills in sweet little hands, but it also opens the door to imagination and yesterday, it became a great teacher for this 40-something as well.  As I was molding, shaping and building (and giggling profusely at the odd designs we were creating) it hit me right there! The “it” I’m referring to is that WE ARE PLAY-DOH!  Our lives are constantly being molded by someone or something, always shifting, having to adapt in this crazy nanosecond culture in order to compete in today’s marketplace. Professionals and organizations who succeed have simply learned the art of being malleable.

mal·le·a·ble  By definition, (ˈmalyəb(ə)l/) is:

adjective (of a metal or other material) able to be hammered or pressed permanently out of shape without breaking or cracking.

synonyms: pliable, ductile, plastic, pliant, soft, workable
“a malleable substance”
easily influenced; pliable; amenable.

In my business, I’m privileged enough to walk alongside and serve individuals,  professionals as well as organizations in becoming fundamentally more adaptable, more malleable.  It’s become an absolute necessity if an organization  or professional wants to be competitive, they must be in a constant state of malleability in order to adapt to an ever-shifting marketplace and this takes being vigilant, and diligent and requires dedication and commitment.

As a Coach, it’s my job to help others strengthen/hone, develop skill sets…to modify, adapt and change; provide clarity.  Whether it’s the creation of a strategic roadmap or streamlining business processes and harmonizing the workplace from a talent management perspective or helping with focus and discipline.  In the end, it’s truly about malleability.

We are given 1,440 minutes a day and how we spend that time directly impacts our lives. Because our world is in continuous change, it’s more important than ever before to embrace change and take the proper steps to invest in understanding your mission in order to accomplish your life/organizational goals.

So, in closing, I challenge you to Be the Play-Doh, be malleable.

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