Hilary can put you in a position of friction with her honesty which thus produces the energy and need for growth. She will help you live your unlived/potential life through the power of accountability. She has always kept me honest to my goals and critiqued me when she felt I was not thinking big enough. Hilary will be your eyes for the dangers and threats in hindsight that you cannot foresee. Her ability to keep you in the right state of mind at all times and when to shut it off and relax is a facet that will only grow more significantly as you build that trust with her and confide in her the pro’s and con’s that make you presently. Words can’t describe how meaningful it is to have a facet of your team be someone with whom can honestly tell you what needs to be done in each step of your life as a professional. She will always be ahead of you in growth and thus you will feel as if you are a fish chasing a constant bait that you just cannot get to which thus makes you continually exceed expectations. “She will sharpen the saw”. If you believe you are good now, wait till you sit down with Hilary and employ her.

Kevin Jerome

Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

Many of the world’s most admired corporations, from GE to Goldman Sachs, invest in coaching. Annual spending on coaching in the United States is estimated at roughly $1 billion. – Harvard Business Review

Let’s face it, real leaders weren’t born, they’re made; grown, nurtured, developed by hard work, perseverance AND a desire to be the person for whom they were designed.


That’s what a good Coach does….they BUILD and GROW others for greatness.

At H. Porta, we exist to serve.

We work collaboratively, assess to discover what’s truly important from a professional and personal standpoint—holistically. We uncover barriers; set goals that are specific, meaningful, attainable, relevant and measurable.  We provide objective feedback, direction and encouragement.

Coaching is very hands-on, interactive and future-focused.  In most future-centric organizations, coaching isn’t just a “nice-to-have”, it’s a key component to helping leaders grow and develop by building upon the existing strengths and core competencies to bring about exceptionality.  It’s also for the up-and-coming identified leaders.

As the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding.  The return on investment (ROI) according to a Manchester Consulting Group study of Fortune 100 executives, the Economic Times reported coaching resulted in a ROI of:

Almost six times the program cost

77% improvement in relationships

67% improvement in teamwork

61% improvement in job satisfaction and

48% improvement in quality.

Additionally, a study of Fortune 500 companies by MatrixGlobal found Executive Coaching resulted in a 529% ROI.   


Dear Hilary,

I asked you to take charge of an event crucial to both my personal and professional lives, and I could not have chosen better. The “Lighting up the Capitol” event at our community’s landmark theatre was crucial to both kick- starting the renovation of a classic art deco showplace in Greeneville Tennessee and to showcasing the industry recognition that TEVET received from the Small Business Administration and one of our key customers, Raytheon.And so I greatly appreciate all the resources you personally brought to bear on the challenge to make the night something special for my team and me. Your networking as an event planner ensured that the event staffing was top notch and set a new standard here, and your management of the talent required to both inform and entertain the attendees resulted in dozens of personal compliments and thanks to both my team and me over the weeks since.What’s more, your skill as an emcee for the evening ensured that everyone was encouraged to contribute to our worthy cause, to celebrate Greeneville’s heritage in the Capitol, and to enjoy the honors and congratulations offered to them by the Small Business Administration and one of our largest customers.
Of course, the most crucial part of the event to me personally was the opportunity I had to speak in front of the crowd and thank them and our customer for the honor of leading TEVET and of championing the Capitol Theatre as a community resource. The coaching and encouragement you provided me leading up to the event were essential in putting me at ease and reminding me of all the elements I needed to draw on to make my part of the ceremony a success. Both TEVET’s and my reputation were on the line and in your hands that night, and I couldn’t be happier with the results you achieved.Last but not least—you were able to canvass a number of local businesses and community leaders, marshal their financial support through donations of goods and services, and finished significantly under budget.
No one in attendance would believe how frugally you accomplished your mission.
Tracy Solomon

President and CEO, TEVET, LLC

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