Q: “Where” and “how” do you provide coaching sessions?

A: Coaching is conducted in person, by phone, Skype or email for interstate and overseas, whichever is the most convenient for the client.

Q: How long are the coaching sessions?

ADepending on the nature and need, a typical coaching session runs 1 hour but can run over if further conversation is merited.

Q: What’s considered the “normal” period of time someone needs a Coach?

AWe advise, depending on the goals and objectives of the client, that a coaching engagement period be no less than six (6) months in order to best achieve sustainable results.

Q: What if my company or I need quick advice and don’t have a coaching contract?

AWhether it’s support for a one-off situation, direction or thought leadership for those difficult and urgent situations which crop up or a quick out-of-the-box fix for a challenging project to get it unstuck, H. Porta welcomes the opportunity to help you thru it with swiftness and confidentiality. We bill an hourly rate in quarterly hour blocks.

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