I’m afforded the unique privilege of stripping for a living. However, dim lights, swanky music blaring and stilettos are not the backdrop for this story. What I’m talking about is REAL stripping. Helping others to become vulnerable, authentic and transparent in their leadership resulting in true servanthood.

People always ask what I do for a living and as of late, I’ve decided that in reality, I’m a professional stripper—whether it be walking with others thru the process of stripping negative and destructive habits which have taken years to culminate or on the other spectrum, streamlining unnecessary inefficient processes or even from a talent management side by helping to ensure that the right people get in the right seats, it all really just boils down to stripping.

While there are some exhibitionists out there who are comfortable stripping, most aren’t. Stripping requires vulnerability and vulnerability connotes trust and respect for others and opens the leader and organization up to another level altogether. We’re talking REAL transformation here…not the misnomer that people are sitting there holding hands and singing Kumbaya or at the very least someone introduced a new flavor of corporate Kool-Aid .

The stripping process frees you from having to dominate, protect your space. It’s checking your ego at the door, being a servant, inviting others to really bring value, their gifts and talents to the table freely, which in turn has proven to increase productivity, boost morale, effect profitability and provide sustainability.

It’s commonplace for leaders to surround themselves with strong players and as such the whole organization takes its cue from their leadership style. Unless vulnerability is in place, the air of “it’s MY way or the highway” still looms underneath, sometimes unspoken but immensely felt lending itself to squash creativity and the desire to go the extra mile in order for the company to succeed; in other words, they lose their personal investment. People tend to be “gamey” and not always intentionally; it’s typically driven by fear and throw in a need for control then pretty soon you have a toxic combination. That’s when it’s time to really strip and get naked. Strip off those unproductive, defeating habits.

Stripping is an amazing sensation…..it’s not for the faint hearted or the weak. Interestingly, what most people fear, our own brokenness, brings about a beautiful, usable and delicious sense of purpose. It’s where you discover the loss of control and taking your hands off the steering wheel frees you to become more of a servant leader. It’s terrifyingly freeing all at the same time. It’s about redemption. Knowing oneself, functioning in the present and a newfound and deeper appreciation of grace.   There’s a “letting go” or “stripping” which is critical to go deeper and move forward. Vulnerability requires strength of character, courage. Then one can move forward in an authentic capacity…one that draws others in like a moth to a flame. Stripping is all about “becoming”.

It’s time to strip. Are you in?

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