Why is Marketing Blessing not Bane? Marketing has shifted its focus dramatically. Marketing also has evolved into a major business function that crosses all areas of a firm or organization. Marketing is thus cross functional, operating in tandem with manufacturing, sales channels, human resources, research and development, finance, and accounting of an organization. Marketing is truly a MAJOR BUSINESS FUNCTION within an organization and does not operate as a SILO. 

In the operation of an organization, it is important to share information so that ultimately the customer experiences value. This brings up the point that many good marketing companies have cross functional teams. Organizations SHOULD NOT operate as a SILO but operate cross functionally. Collaboration of the aforementioned business functions means sustainability.

Given that Marketing is done as it ought to be done, significant positive externalities result. Thus, to do the right thing, the firm will emphasize society. This is a good time to introduce the debate of whether it is best to do right by society and right by stakeholders. Sustainability of an organization ensures that all marketing practices DO RIGHT by society thereby right by all stakeholders of the organization. In essence, Marketing MUST create value for the consumer.

Marketing is thus important because it expands global presence. Marketing is important because it is pervasive across organizations. Marketing is further pervasive across The Supply Chain. Marketing just also plain makes life easier. Marketing definitely enriches society. Lastly, Marketing can be entrepreneurial.

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