Life Coaching

Life Coaching focuses on core building blocks, managing change, honing new skills, re-tooling, influencing and being an inspiration to and for others as well as helps one become accountable for their life and pursuit of their dreams as all of us are in transition, whether it’s getting married, going thru a divorce, getting a promotion and wondering how we got into that role and were overwhelmed or on the opposite spectrum losing a job, becoming new parents or being a caregiver to family members, becoming an empty nester or retiring.

Divorce Coaching

Navigating thru the getting “unmarried” process is treacherous, time-consuming, expensive and heartwreching all at the same time.  Clients are able to save thousands of dollars using divorce coaching as it helps to minimize the time spent with high-dollar attorneys.  Many attorneys recommend the use of divorce coaching for several reasons as coaches help to manage the emotions of the client, bring perspective and clarity and be facilitators of hope. Further, divorce coaching provides clients with a future script or roadmap for post divorce as well as helping clients to think thru the critical steps involved during the separation period.

Redemptive/Personal Transformation Coaching

Faith-based individual as well as group coaching which involves the uncovering of layers, identification of core/root issues and struggles with the end result being restoration and healing in order to experience real freedom and healthy personal relationships whereby life is really being lived and lived abundantly.

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