As a Coach, I tend to be rather provocative at times as I am a teller of truth–even if it’s hard to swallow. I preach intentionality. But I extend grace. I don’t accept excuses and I admit that I DO push the envelope because when I take on a client, I make a commitment….a commitment to help them grow, to become purpose-driven because being intentional and purposeful is a powerful tool which enables you to do the hard but necessary things from which most want to cower away; and it’s what differentiates true leadership….so, being provocative isn’t necessarily bad.

I encourage my clients to become radically disruptive in their thinking so that they can move beyond the traditional thoughts of leadership. I help them discover who they are, what their core competencies and capabilities are and more than that, give them the permission to understand, know and trust themselves to be indifferent to what other people think and say. I help them discover their guile, which in turn, enables them to become strategic thinkers. Contributors.  A “Do-er”.

It’s time to kick it up a notch (or two!).  Become intentional.  Grow.  Become innovators and thinkers.  Whether it’s personal or professional, a real leader must define what their purpose is and how it fits into the broader community.  So, what’s your legacy, how are you imprinting? Challenge yourself not only to learn yourself, but also to discover your purpose and then align how you work and live so that you can become provocatively purposeful.

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