Oftentimes I’m asked about Public Relations, what exactly IS PR and is there an actual ROI (Return on Investment). PR historically was all about press releases, but it’s evolved greatly as technology has advanced. From social media, blogging, newspapers, magazines, billboards, radio to television. It’s really become about relationship building, positioning and community perception. The general public is tired of the games and catchy slogans without the meat behind it, the trickery, the pie-in-the-sky campaigns. People are hungry for “real”. Therefore, good PR has become (and refreshingly so) about creating a presence, an awareness, a confidence and credibility…a “we’re in this together” feeling which is appealing. Getting the right PR practitioner that actually “gets” your company’s culture is imperative to the success as they will be helping to promote the brand, reputation and community visibility for business expansion.

Insofar as a ROI, while admittedly, the impact of PR is somewhat difficult to gauge in the early stages, however, it can be measured if your organization has wisely put the appropriate data collection in place. Whether it be a press release, article, blog, Facebook boost, Tweet, television appearance, etc., your company will experience an uptick of business and it’s vital that the data be captured. After all, if you can’t gauge your effectiveness, how will you drive your future strategy?

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