From live events to hands-on workshops and retreats for in-depth immersion, Hilary and Ian are sought-after entertaining and interactive keynote speakers and facilitators known for their diligence in bringing a global perspective to the table on the following topics:

  • Servant Leadership

  • Harmonizing the Organization

  • Creating a Culture for True Engagement

  • Communication…Say WHAT?!!


What People Are Saying….

Hilary owned the room! Very infectious.

—L. Martin

Ms. Porta is a high quality keynote speaker, knocked it out of the park is an understatement. We all walked out inspired, empowered and armed with pertinent key information on how to drive our business forward.

—T. Steinberg

Hilary CRUSHED it-very engaging.  She has a unique ability to deliver practical business strategy while being entertaining.

—J. Storm

Hilary captivates, motivates and inspires…we can’t wait to have her speak again. We experienced a gamut of emotions as she moved us from tears to laughter. Her personality is infectious and her message was transforming.  Too bad the conference is only once a year.

—C. Batchelder, SICM

Hilary is both professional yet provocative…a teller of truth and a real inspiration. We already have her on the books to speak to our leadership team next quarter.

—M. Miller, MGM

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