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Hilary is both professional yet provocative…a teller of truth and a real inspiration. We already have her back on the books to speak to our leadership team next quarter.

– M. Miller, MGM

Hilary has built a reputation as a leading mindset coach, influential international speaker at live events, workshops and retreats all over the globe.

Hilary’s nickname The Velvet Hammer couldn’t ring truer. Sweet on the outside and strong on the inside, H Porta is a charismatic and charged speaker. She has southern charm combined with courage and candor. Hilary speaks with confidence and authority, which gives the audience a sense of clarity and can-do. Her eyes are locked on to a bold vision of possibility for each individual involved… a vision once thought impossible. Hilary has the wisdom and resolve to help people rebuild, reinvent and reemerge. Whether on a stage, in a conference room or in an exotic destination, her words lead to action and transformation.

H Porta’s Signature Talks for Keynote and Break Out Sessions Include:

Curating a CEO Mindset

Architecting Your Life

The DNA of a Servant Leader

Harmonizing the Organization

From Wrecked to Redeemed


Managing the Space Between the Space

Ripping Off the Mask

Communication….say WHAT??!!??

Rebuilding, Reinventing & Reemerging

I understand now why Ms. Porta is a highly sought after keynote speaker. Saying that she knocked it out of the park is an understatement. We all walked out inspired, empowered and armed with pertinent key information on how to drive our business forward.

– T. Steinberg, CEO, TSC, Inc.

Hilary captivates, motivates and inspires…we can’t wait to have her speak again. We experienced a gamut of emotions as she moved us from tears to laughter. Her personality is infectious and her message was transforming. Too bad the conference is only once a year.

– Carolyn Batchelder, SCIM

Workshops & Retreats

H Porta offers custom curated & targeted workshops and retreats. The perfect balance of business-focused and heart-driven, approachable and yet luxurious. With a focus on each client’s unique long-term vision, her custom workshops and retreats provide instant actionable strategies to set goals both professionally and personally leaving clients ignited, empowered and unstoppable.

Available Workshops

Becoming Purposefully Provocative
Architecting Your Story
Learning to Flip-the-Script
From Tied Up To Transformed
Renewing & Transforming

Holiday Proofing Your Relationship/Marriage
Rewiring & Recalibrating
Reconnecting & Reigniting
Recalibrating: Getting Past the Trauma & Stop Living In Survival Mode