Private Coaching

When I say that Hilary saved my company and my personal life, that’s not an exaggeration. Through her coaching, I was able to stop the bleeding, get the right people in the right seats, create a culture which fosters trust, respect and innovation as well as save my marriage and develop a meaningful and intentional relationship with my sons. I owe her my life.

– Jim M., CEO

As backstory, his company (Fortune 500) was literally imploding from a whole host of reasons from a lack of emotional intelligence and having the wrong people in the wrong seats from a leadership perspective. On top of that, as very typical in positions such as his, his marriage was hanging by a thread because he was a workaholic. He was brilliant, driven, a visionary. He had virtually no relationship with his sons except to bankroll. Both personally and professionally he was coming apart at the seams. A previous client recommended me and he laid his pride down, rolled up his sleeves and did the hard work. Fast forward, I helped him recalibrate, harmonize his organization, got the right people in leadership to help drive his vision, he and his wife are actually stronger than when they first got married and he’s developing real relationship with his sons. He’s a real hero and felt so honored to walk in that sacred space with him. I share this with you so that you can see that it goes beyond just Coaching… I truly architect.

H Porta creates breakthrough for her clients—she won’t allow them to play small because of limiting beliefs. Hilary ensures that they personally, their business, their marriage, their relationship with their children or family can be restored, amplified and 10X’d.

Hilary is an “in-the-foxhole” Coach who uses her Jedi-level superpowers and healthy kick-in-the-butt accountability to help clients gain clarity, teaches them how to change their narratives, Flip-the-Script, recalibrate and reconstruct so they can they quickly learn how to pivot and press on boldly and confidently. It’s about mindset, influence and mastery. Harnessing potential. Evolving.

Purpose, intention, courage and vulnerability.

It’s about leverage.

Make no mistake, just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, true transformation is not an overnight process. Something doesn’t just unbreak and people don’t get unstuck because you want it to. It takes hard work, proven techniques & powerful strategy.

Together, we will work to create the life and business you always dreamed of having.

I’ve had the distinct honor of working with Hilary for the last two years. It started off with personal development and it morphed into so much more. Our relationship began with me searching for guidance after going through a terrible breakup where I felt lost, alone and was full of shame. It’s a place where we’ve all been. We think it’s “our fault” or that we can “fix it”. Hilary knew exactly what I was going through, because she had experienced it herself. Her words gave me the strength I needed to pick up the broken pieces of my life and delicately put them back together. Not only did she speak life into me with her words, she architected a new life for me both personally AND professionally. Professionally she helped me hone my leadership and deepen core competencies so much so that I was able to jump another level within an unheard of amount of time. My company has been so impressed that they’ve sent other key identified rising stars to her for developing. She’s also become a regular guest speaker for my team and others within the organization. My team immediately fell in love with her as a person but were in awe of her aura. Shortly after her first team mindset call, one of my team members reached out to Hilary for personal and professional development coaching herself. She challenges me weekly, gives me new tactics to work through, helps with mindset shift and to show up with intent. She is the most passionate Coach and Developer of People I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with.

– Nikki Clay, Regional Sales Director, LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE, Part of the USA Today Network

This woman knows her craft inside and out! If you need business or personal strategy, her time is worth more than money. Priceless insight, extensive motivation, and the ability to see the big picture while perfecting the details, H Porta Coaching will be an amazing asset to the future development of your company and, more importantly, your life!

– Jordon Kestner, CEO & President, Stealth Performance, and Innovative Technology Mentor for the Columbus Space Program

Hilary was the right person at the right time. She gave me clarity and confidence during an event that initially seemed devastating. After 17 years at the same organization, making the decision to move on to another career was difficult. Thanks to her guidance and overwhelming positive attitude this otherwise tumultuous journey was a smooth ride.

– Chris Dolese, Vice President of Operations, Schmooze Com, Inc.

Hilary gets my highest recommendation as an Executive Coach. She is the consummate professional, leads by example, and provides valuable and useful advice. She is passionate about the work she does and has the utmost respect for the whole person. With her unique ability to discover what’s truly important, Hilary provides actionable suggestions paired with a storehouse of amazing resources! Her coaching has provided me a sounding board for strategic direction and personal growth and her kindness and compassion weaves throughout every single piece of her work.

– Joshua Shores, Sales & Marketing Manager, Landair

Disclaimer: H Porta only accepts a limited number of clients who are ready and committed to taking action to architect a successful life both on the professional and personal front.

You must be ready to roll up your sleeves and pull back the curtain, but the results are so worth it you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

*H Porta utilizes neuroscientific techniques to rewire the brain, release old patterns, reduce negative emotions, thoughts and behaviors to change narratives.