PSYCH-K® represents one of the most important, efficient, effective, and rapid change processes that is available on this planet today.

– Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D

PSYCH-K ® is a uniquely effective whole brain “technology” for belief change that aligns subconscious beliefs with conscious goals for rapid transformation and sustainable change. It’s a safe and effective process that “rewrites the software of the mind” by changing beliefs that have limited you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually into beliefs that support and serve you…simply and easily. 

What I love about it (and my clients as well) is that by altering your unwanted subconscious beliefs it actually promotes cellular healing. We’re talking changing your BIOCHEMISTRY!

As you transform the disharmonious programming within your thoughts and mind, your body then produces the healing chemistry that matches your beliefs. Talk about game-changing!
People worldwide have achieved success using PSYCH-K® with weight loss to insomnia, fears/phobias, stress, anxiety, forgiveness, loss, depression, sexual challenges, childhood trauma, procrastination, health problems, addictions, enhancing relationships, self-esteem, job performance, prosperity and much more! Even life-long patterns of struggle can be changed quickly & easily by simply “re-programming” the subconscious mind! It is different to traditional cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and talk therapy because you have direct access to the root. You are not wasting precious time talking about the surface level feelings you have or what your conscious mind thinks may be the cause. The answers are within your subconscious mind. It is a powerful transformation process that is designed to uncover the root cause of your issue(s) and release limiting beliefs, heal traumas and set you free to live the life of your dreams simply and easily.

Mental blocks can range from physical or emotional issues that are stored in the subconscious mind. I have helped people overcome a number of issues such as: – Stress – Anxiety- Burnout – Addictions – Depression – Creative Blocks – Money Blocks – Confidence – Body Image – Eating disorders – Physical pain, chronic/acute – Phobias – Grief and Loss – Divorce – Food intolerances – Sleep issues – Skin problems… just to name a few! 

A Sampling of Recent Client Cases

One of my execs was struggling greatly because she had been attacked by her partner’s dog…think: ferociously being bitten in the face and having to go to hospital and get stitches, and her fear of the dog was really putting a strain on their relationship unintentionally of course as well as causing her massive anxiety because she’s naturally a dog lover and very much wanted to trust dogs again. We balanced and I had her “test” it out and BAM! She texted the next night to excitedly share that she was “waiting for it” when she saw the dog but the anxiety not only wasn’t there but the dog was even different towards her as I’m sure he could sense there was no fear or apprehension. 

Another client had experienced trauma from prior abuse and every time her fiancé went to touch her breasts, she would recoil because her former husband had hit her in the breasts, which, as you can imagine was causing some challenges because he loved her and didn’t want to trigger the abuse but he and she both wanted the playfulness and intimacy. We balanced/rewired and she didn’t think it “took” because she didn’t feel any different. Long story short, he was unaware that we had an appt. and she was a little apprehensive but wanted to test it out and so they got a little frisky in the kitchen while cooking and he went to reach for them and she didn’t have that old familiar fear, she actually welcomed his touch! I swear I almost cried with her because I know how much of a game changer that is!

Then another client who owns multiple businesses and is highly successful and recognized in the community as a leader was struggling with imposter syndrome and not feeling enough and was doubting her own judgement. Struggled with worthiness. 
Next was a student with test anxiety and social anxiety. 

One client just this week had SEVERE anxiety attacks over her ex-husband and had been living in a destroyed state for YEARS. Anything would trigger her. We balanced her and this whole week people have commented that even she LOOKS different, younger, lighter. Internally she hasn’t been anxious ONCE.

Another client had a severe fear of flying and once we balanced, the fear was gone and she was able to conquer something that held her back so much in her life. To test it (cause you know, we ALL feel that way) she booked a one way flight close enough where she could drive back if necessary but when she got to the airport there wasn’t ANY anxiety and ended up booking another one way back! Think of the FREEDOM she has now!

Let PSYCH-K permanently change YOUR self-limiting subconscious beliefs WITHIN MINUTES so you can 10X your life!