VIP Private Intensive Coaching

VIP Private

Intensive Coaching

H. Porta offers full & half day sessions (limited availability, they sell out
fast). It’s an opportunity to condense six months into a supercharged day
of laser-focused and power-packed individualized attention so you can make rapid, exponential growth not only in your business but also personally. Don’t spend the
next year flailing in the dark or worse, investing significant amounts of time and thousands of dollars on long-term coaching & programs that lack the exact focus + immediate integration you need now.

Her VIP focused high-powered, high-touch immersion offering is reserved exclusively for those serious about leveling-up their life and willing to commit the time, energy and resources required to reach the next level. This catalytic weekend could add multiple six figures to your business or save your relationship (or both!). In a nutshell, participants will work through six months’ worth of personally designed coaching exclusively to meet their specific needs in one single day at a five-star location.

Hilary has provided our firm an invaluable service. Her dedication and tireless efforts have resulted in both success and increased market presence. Rarely does one individual possess the capability to look at situation, have an immediate grasp and understanding of the needs and also have the ability to blend corporate branding, PR, and corporate coaching to enhance management, associates and affiliate partners of The Austin Group and Austin Gase Racing. She is definitely a must have for your corporate needs.

– Steve Austin, CEO, The Austin Group, Austin Gase Racing

VIP Private Intensive Coaching